NEW MUSIC: Fuglestadphotography 2xLP Deluxe Edition Available to Pre-Order

Fuglestadphotography now available on 5-year anniversary 2xLP with all 9 bonus tracks. The phone from the cover art, along with 17 identical phones will be given away randomly to those who preorder, like golden tickets. The identity of the true phone will remain a mystery forever. Every copy includes all 4 of the original Fuglestadphotography stickers and a reproduction of the original 8"x11" flyer used to advertise the record on telephone poles in New York City. We expect this pre-order to ship early December. Purchase black audiophile version here and splatter version here.

Fuglestadphotography was recorded in Richmond VA and Ridgewood NY between 2014 & 2015. All recording, mixing and “mastering” was performed by George Clanton on a fake Mac Pro and a Fostex Model 80 reel to reel.


A1. Never Late Again 04:11
A2. Keep A Secret 02:49 video
A3. Did I Flounder? 03:59
A4. Purity 01:04
A5. Wonder Gently 05:42

B1. Bleed 05:05
B2. Warmspot 04:24
B3. It Makes The Babies Want To Cry 03:38
B4. Innocence 02:04
B5. Kill You In Bed 05:19

C1. Make You Cry 5:26
C2. Innocence (Alternate) 2:01
C3. Kill You In Bed 3:55
C4. Persuasion 3:19
C5. Never Late Again (Alternate) 4:13

D1. Did I Flounder (Alternate) 3:56
D2. Notice Me 3:33
D3. Bleed (Alternate) 4:48
D4. It Makes The Babies Want To Cry (China Remix) 2:31

"Clanton seems to have a similar uncanny knack as artists like John Maus and Ariel Pink for creating soaring, unabashedly dramatic classic pop, and it’s clear after one listen to legit anthems like “Bleed” and “It Makes the Babies Want To Cry” that ’80s MTV heroes like Tears For Fears and New Order are obvious reference points. But this is pop music refracted and warped through Clanton’s singular and unmistakably modern lens, as he manages to turn vaporwave, chillwave, and other assorted internet-genre-waves on their collective ear, ultimately transcending all of it in the name of undeniable, timeless jams that could only exist in 2015, songs that can be at once subversive, funny, dark, poignant, and deeply affecting." - Gorilla Vs Bear 

Bandcamp Release Of The Month - FACT Magazine 

"★★★★★" - Acid Stag