Caroline Loveglow Gets Personal About Her Edition Of The 100% Selects Playlist

Recent Fuglestadphotography Signee, Caroline Loveglow has been given the honors of our August Edition of the 100% Selects Playlist. Here is what she had to say about her selections. Playlist link below.
George Clanton - You Lost Me There
You Lost Me There has changed my life in multiple ways. Not only will I go on record & say this is the most incredible song I’ve ever heard, but arguably my favorite of all time. Being such a mega fan of George’s music, led to becoming a mega fan of the Fuglestadphotography live stream. Which THEN led to being signed to his label & releasing my first song. I’m a very shameless fangirl of every artist on the label, so this still feels like a strange dream I hope I never wake up from. 
I’ve been obsessively listening to George’s music for a while now & I’m constantly dumbfounded by how multifaceted and brilliant he is in so many areas. 
I first heard You Lost Me There on January 20th, 2020, in my car in a laundromat parking lot & it hit me like a fucking train. There’s a quote from Brian Eno that goes something like
“I know I’ve heard a great song when I listen and think ‘I wish I thought of that’”
I do wish I thought of this song lol, but You Lost Me There is an untouchable, timeless and undeniably perfect song, and I want it to exist exactly as it always has. It still somehow finds its way on to every new playlist I make. It is the song I send to everyone I know. It was the soundtrack to my 25th year of life. On my 26th birthday last month, You Lost Me There was on my birthday playlist…. Twice. I will always look up to George Clanton. 
Small Black - Service Merchandise
Service Merchandise is my favorite Small Black song- hands down. The production is simple, beautiful and necessary. I’m a sucker for a cut-through-your-heart ambient, lingering drone. Service Merchandise literally stopped me in my tracks on a walk in my hometown. My play count by now is borderline insane... The lyrics are self aware, witty, devastating and hopeful. If you haven’t heard this one yet, enjoy your new favorite song. 
Pictureplane - Hand of Glory / Turbulent Mirror
This Pictureplane song put me in a trance first listen. The curious synth chords build anticipation, dancing with a distant horn, until the intro ultimately leads to the most epic fucking beat that hits right when you want it to. I love how he effortlessly transitions into almost an entirely new song. Again, coming in with drum tones that are stupid cool, under an arpeggiated synth that makes you feel like your body is flying over the city at night. 
FM Skyline - paradise neon
I’m such a big fan of FM Skyline. It was hard to choose just one, but I chose to put paradise neon on this playlist. I love songs that trigger nostalgic, childhood memories. This song puts you in a world where everything is simple & beautiful, a time before any anxiety or “adulting”.
The production leaves room for every sound to occupy its own space. When the (cool as fuck) “lazy day” type bending synth comes in, it triggers the feeling I would get when school was over on a Friday, eager to escape to the sunny corner of my bedroom floor & play animal crossing for the next 36 hours. To me, this song is all of those innocent, childhood simplicity’s - captured in 2 minutes and 7 seconds. 
Satin Sheets - Tanline
Tanline, by Satin Sheets is the ultimate “I’m alive and the sky is blue today” jam (if that makes sense). The bassline is like velvet, encouraging the drums to fucking slap. The production is so fascinating to me- Tanline has such a solid core. The sounds/short riffs that pop in and out, seamlessly join the others like siblings, only complimenting and adding to this epic fucking anthem. 
Negative Gemini - Clown Cleaner
Clown Cleaner is one of the coolest songs I’ve heard this year. I wish I could jump into Negative Gemini’s magic and wickedly talented production brain to see how this song came to life.
Clown Cleaner opens with a freaky, ethereal, suspense-building synth. It’s humble and perfect placement in the mix allows each repetition to become almost hypnotic. I love the washed out accent chord and low-key percussion in the intro. How she transitions this initial dreamscape-type sound & makes it dive head first into a powerful crushed/distorted Aphex Twin-esque breakbeat is the epitome of total creative flow and great fucking taste. Again, I’m a sucker and always love a constant one note overlay. Which, in this song, lands so gracefully as a new beat is introduced.
Negative Gemini is the absolute queen of nailing an outro. This time, the song ends with an almost “Alice in Wonderland”, other-worldly top line melody. It’s unexpected, unique and so welcomed. I can’t wait to hear this song live. 
Surfing - Lifetime
Lifetime by Surfing, is so, SO sweet. I chose to put this Surfing song on the playlist specifically because I’ve found myself searching & looping this song again and again over the past few weeks. This is another song that I would kill to hear its backstory, or open the session and see how they got these buttery, hydroplaning synth tones. Guaranteed to make you dance. 
Equip - Continue?
Continue? by Equip, gives me the feeling of being so in love with someone or something, that it is almost painful. This might be a far-fetched comparison, but Equip’s lead melody in this song absolutely shatters me- every time (in the best way possible). I know that it's coming. Yet, with each new listen, right when that melody falls, I am free to feel and I am once again, shattered. I’ve found this same gut-wrenching beauty in Elliott Smith’s music when he strategically places his famous major II chord. Continue? by Equip is a melancholy masterpiece. 
ESPRIT 空想 - Secret
There are SO many ESPRIT 空想 songs I absolutely adore, but I chose Secret for this playlist. This is my go-to “vibe the fuck out” song. It’s elegant, punchy and chic. George’s production tricks and tone choices never fail. I love how he alludes to, or makes a nod towards his other songs by adding the same sound or sample, giving the listener a quick mind fuck and making them feel part of a club, or IN on the inside joke. I had never heard an artist do something like that before. 
Satin Sheets - Collect Them All!
Collect Them All!, another Satin Sheets song that I’m blown away by. The song opens with a distant drowned out synth, unassuming at first, until the quick vocal (or maybe sample?? I’m not sure) jumps in, opening an entirely new atmosphere for the rest of the instrumentation to glow- The veil is lifted & suddenly the world feels a little brighter.


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